bathroom remodeling in columbus, oh

Wet Bathrooms 101: A Short Guide

January 19, 2021

Wet rooms are typically what you imagine when you walk into the shower at a gym, but you can also have a wet bathroom in your own home. More homeowners are opting for wet rooms for their homes, but it’s not quite known how to begin the design process for these bathrooms. If you’re wondering how to design a good wet bathroom, continue reading.

Who Can Have Wet Rooms?

Just about any home can be outfitted with a wet room bathroom, though smaller bathrooms may require some sort of screen to keep every item in the bathroom from getting wet during showers. A professional bathroom remodeling in columbus, oh expert will take a look at your home and help you determine the best route to proceed with your project.


The wet room will need to be done by a specialist, as the room will need to a gradient that allows water to flow directly to the drain during use. The entire bathroom will also need to be made completely waterproof, preventing water damage. The room will need to be covered in tiles, which act as an extra protective layer and keep waterproofing materials sturdy.

bathroom remodeling in columbus, oh


Wet rooms are a good choice for homeowners that want to do something different in their bathrooms. These rooms are stylish and modern, acting well as a secondary or guest bathroom for visitors while increasing the home’s value. Wet room bathrooms are also ideal for smaller bathrooms, they’re easy to keep clean, and you get more protection than you would in a typical bathroom.

Don’t waste time wondering whether or not you should get a wet room installed in your home – talk to a professional to get more information on wet rooms and how you can proceed with project plans.