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Cleaning Questions You Might Not Have the Answers To

Everyone has some things they could learn about cleaning, such as practices that could make their cleaning sessions that much more efficient. Many folks might not be the most experienced at cleaning, but could be working to get better so they can keep their homes or businesses spic and span for themselves and anyone else who might want to come inside.

Got some questions of your own about better cleaning practices? You’re not alone! Here are some of the most common questions asked about cleaning, cleaning methodologies, and more.

How often should I vacuum?

This can depend on how you live, as well as the foot traffic around your home or building. If you only have a few people living or working with you, you might only need to vacuum once or twice a week. However, if you have a building full of hundreds of customers and staff coming in and out every day, you will want to think about a daily vacuum session.

What is the best way to clean a spill?

You should try to address a spill as soon as it happens so it doesn’t have time to settle in. If it happened on a solid floor, you can mop up the spill. If it happened on a carpet, you will want to use a damp towel and carpet cleaner to make sure it doesn’t seep into the carpet.

How can I clean keyboards?

Computer keyboards can carry a good deal of germs, so cleaning them frequently is important. Use disinfecting wipes to dampen the keyboard, and then dry it with a clean cloth. You can also use compressed air to get any small debris from under the buttons.

janitorial services in Indianapolis, IN

Need help cleaning, or simply can’t find the time to do it all on your own? You can find the cleaning help you need for your home or building simply by calling up your local janitorial services in Indianapolis, IN who will be more than happy to help make your home or office as clean as possible once again.

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