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Can Seniors Get A Dental Implant

January 27, 2021

Are you thinking about whether you must get a tooth implant at an old age of 60 years or above? Do you have an older adult in your house who lost teeth and wishes to get an implant? Whether you are looking for implant dentistry in Ocoee or another place, you can choose this procedure for seniors without any second thoughts.

What is the Maximum Age of Undergoing A Tooth Implant

After a certain age, it is natural to think that you are not eligible for a tooth implant anymore. However, you must know that age is never really a determining factor for implant eligibility. Whether you are 85 years old or 90, you can choose this option without any second thoughts.

A dental implant has the same effects on a senior as a young individual. All you are required to do is visit a dentist to confirm whether you are an eligible candidate for the implant. A few factors affecting this include jaw bone density and strength, gum tissues, and overall good oral health.

Benefits of A Dental Implant for Seniors

Long Term Ease

Seniors may want to choose dentures over implants as that does not require surgery and seems easy to maintain. However, getting an implant is a permanent solution allowing you to get rid of the regular removal and care of dentures.

Aids Digestion

The elderly need to pay more attention to their food habits as their metabolism rate may deteriorate with age. Getting tooth implants is like getting back real teeth that can help in chewing better, aiding digestion. With these, seniors can also eat more whole foods.

Overall Healthy Well Being

With tooth implants, you will look better and feel more confident about yourself. Plus, when you can eat well and smile without getting embarrassed, you will have an overall healthier mind and body.


implant dentistry in Ocoee

Implant dentistry is not just okay but beneficial for older adults. So, if you were postponing it due to your old age, go ahead and get it done without any worry!